About us

  • Team

    Professional – we are a highly trained and experienced
    Effective – our manufacturing and assembling process is optimized for the best result
    Goals – while communicating with our partners and clients, we value long-term goals and relationships

  • Our houses

    High quality – manufacturing and assembling process is set up according to international standards
    Environment friendly – to provide our clients with good indoor climate we use eco-friendly materials
    Fast delivery time – thanks to our efficient methods we deliver in a short time
    Best price – high quality product at an affordable price ensures customer satisfaction

  • With our partners we are

    Open-minded – considering our clients needs to ensure the desired result
    Flexible – by request we are willing to modify and improve our services to fit our clients demands and needs
    Honest – talking about things like they really are
    Responsible – taking considerate and reasonable risks with clients
    Shared knowledge – we share knowledge to help our clients with their needs
    Sticking to agreements – we are setting an example with our contracts and financial discipline



ProductionOur products are manufactured in South-Estonia. Prefabricated elements are fitted with windows, linings and insulation materials to restrain moisture and wind. After the elements are built, they are transported to the construction site where they are hoisted to the foundation.

TransportOur plant enables the elements to be built quickly and with high quality. Every stage of the process is attentively monitored in case of flaws. The peculiarity of our production is the fact that the technology used enables us to construct elements of various sizes and shapes, Erectionso we can build either classical or modern structures according to our clients needs. Thanks to timber frames and proper insulation, our clients receive a home with good indoor climate as well as smaller heating costs in the future.

Interior and exterior finishesOn the site we assemble the elements as well as decorate the inside. The time it takes to weatherproof a house on site is usually less than a week.



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